Should tomatoes be eaten cooked or raw?

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       If you want to get the most out of tomatoes, you have to eat them cooked. Because heat-treated tomatoes will weaken the binding of lycopene to tomato tissues. The lycopene can be used by the body better.

In addition, lycopene is a nutrient that dissolves well in fat. So if using tomato cooking oil as well. will make the body use lycopene better.

          however, it is recommended that “women” eat fresh tomatoes as well. Because fresh tomatoes are high in vitamin C and have dietary fiber. Which makes good skin. “Men” should be eaten cooked. So that the body receives lycopene to help prevent prostate cancer UFABET 

          The part that has some people wondering. Is there any harm in eating raw tomatoes? There is no clear information on this matter. It’s just that nutritionists often recommend eating ripe tomatoes if they’re full of healthy nutrients like lycopene. Because the heat will cause the lycopene to be in a condition that the body is ready to be absorbed immediately. Although heating may reduce the amount of vitamin C to some extent. But the other parts are still better than many other foods.

When is the best time to drink tomato juice? To benefit?

          As already said To get the full benefit from tomatoes. They must be eaten ripe. But what about those who want to drink tomato juice? Will it benefit him as well or not? A nutritionist and expert on healthy food. I have advice to say. In order to get the most out of tomato juice, you can do it in 2 ways

aperitif is on an empty stomach By dropping oil into tomato juice to aid in the absorption of the body.

 Drink after meals. After eating, you can drink tomato juice immediately. The fat in the diet will help to absorb lycopene better.