2 guru addicted to Hotspur brakes.

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Rio Ferdinand and BT Sport analyst Glenn Hoddle disagreed. If the Tottenham Hotspur board would rush to sack Antonio Conte as head coach after the elimination. Because it will increase the problem.

‘Golden Spur Chicken’ draws with AC Milan 0-0 in the round of 16. The second leg yesterday resulted in stopping the route just like this, totaling 0-1  

Which Tottenham hired Conte in November 2021. The main intention is to help consecrate the title again since the 2008 League Cup. From the old work history of the Italian boss guarantees success. 

But when the contract was almost over. The mission had not yet been accomplished. Until there is a trend to release the 53-karat coach before the end of the 2022-23 season. 

Both Ferdinand and Hoddle’s point of view disagreed. 

“I think the club should take a moment to think. With Spurs still fourth in the PSL quota table next season. It hastily decided to leave. As finishing in the top four is the most important part.” said the former England defender. 

“It’s true that such silly good demeanor is spurs…an old soap opera.” UFABET

“I think that recruitment must do better than. Before when the results are seen from those who came in 2-3 years ago. 

Spurs legend Hoddle thinks the noise of commanding mid-battle is not good for the organization. 

“If you make a quick decision at this time, it will seem too risky. Are there any free coaches left? There was talk about Mauricio Pochettino returning to work, “added the favorite ‘Golden Spur’. 

“Finding in the top four is another thing to do. But we should look at the bigger picture. This team’s condition or will it come to play in the next season’s Champions League?”

“This is a team that lacks quality. They need to strengthen their defence, midfield, constructors and if they lose Harry Kane again – read me that’s the job.” 

“Last night’s game lacked enough creativity. It didn’t happen at all.” 

As a result of the game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, William Hill reduced the odds – Secondary bounce Conte to 6/4 ( betting 4 , paying 6 , excluding capital ), behind just one favorite, David. Moyes, manager of the under-rated West Ham team (11/10)