Avoid tie bets.

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With everything above in mind, one friendly piece of advice is to always avoid tie bets. As casino games go, baccarat is among the safer kind. However, tie bets are extremely risky. And they are far more likely to empty your wallet than to bring gains.

Their payouts are the biggest. That much is true, given that they pay 8:1. However statistically, it is extremely unlikely that you will win if you go after tie bets. The house has an advantage for this type of vager. And if you were interested. The advantage is as much as 14.36%. In other words, if you entered 100 bets and each time you wager only $1, statistically. You would lose $14.36 and that’s the best-case scenario. That’s a lot of money to just give to the casino simply because you overestimated your luck. UFABET  Especially since the whole point of betting is to fill your wallet and not empty it.

It is far better to bet on Banker hand which pays 1:1where the house has the 1.06% advantage. That means that you would lose $1 if you make 100 bets where you bet $1 each time. True, there is the 5% commission that you have to pay to the house if you bet on the Banker’s hand and win, but if that is a problem for you, it is still better to try your luck by betting on the Player’s hand, where the house advantage is only slightly higher — 1.24%. This is still very low compared to 14.36% of the tie bet.

With all that said, take this as your first lesson on baccarat strategy — never bet on the end result being a tie when playing baccarat.