Carragher tells PSG that football plays as a team.

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CBS Sports analyst Jamie Carragher advises football makers to watch Paris Saint-Germain lessons. Big money is an example of how wealth doesn’t buy success. Because the science of football has many factors to become a champion.

PSG just lost to Bayern Munich 0-2 yesterday in the Round of 16. The second round of the Champions League. So the result stopped the path with a total score of 0-3, considered another season of failure. Even if there are superstars like Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe or Sergio Ramos in the starting 11. 

Of course, Carragher, who is anti-dumping into buying high-profile players to a club. Feels that the policy mistakes of the Qatari nation at the Parc des Princes have been a good lesson at the camp. UFABET Others can learn that this industry is not enough to be rich alone. 

The former Champions of the Champions League 2005 said :

“I’m ecstatic that PSG is eliminated.”

“Personally, I don’t like the formation of that team. – everything to get to this point It’s teamless, messy.” 

“Five out of the last seven years in the Champions League they’ve only stopped in the round of 16 and are paying more than anyone else. Loaded with the best players in the world.” 

“The result is awesome because it shows you how important it is to play football as a team. Seriously, it’s the most important thing.” 

“There’s no denying that we like players who have individual talent in the team, but PSG doesn’t play with a team system, suggesting that Kylian Mbappe should leave.” 

The PSG defensive game is very leaky on the stage of the Champions League this season because all 8 games have to lose at least 1 goal . It is the first time they have not even had a clean sheet in one Champions League season .