De Bruyne insists he has worked very hard to return.

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Kevin De Bruyne confirms he misses football and worked very hard to get back on the field. After coming on as a substitute, he scored and assisted Manchester City to come back and beat Newcastle 3-2.

De Bruyne suffered a serious knee ligament injury in the opening match of the season and has had to rest for treatment. And he returned to play for City in the Premier League for the first time in five months at St James’ Park ทางเข้า UFABET 

“I miss this. I have a serious injury and I need time. And I enjoy myself I think it’s a boost above all else. It’s crazy. I know I can’t do the whole 90 minutes right now. Now I can play 30 minutes. I can feel it in my lungs, especially in the cold weather.”

On Oscar Bobb’s assist: ‘It was a great shot, good touch but Oscar (Bobb’s) run was amazing. It was a great performance from him. I look at his running. If he doesn’t run, I can’t pass the ball.”

Talk about making an impact off the bench. 

“I don’t know what to expect. I’ve never had this experience. And I work very hard And had to change a couple of things. When you’ve always played it’s very difficult to change things.”

When asked if this game felt like the final? “I think coming here is always difficult. Everyone is very happy with me. We want to try and compete in the league again. And we are there It was a difficult game.”

Talking about the memories of playing football “The beginning was terrible but I am not a person who sits still. I enjoy doing things I’ve never done before. And I worked very hard to come back.”

Talk about finding old forms. “I hope so. I know I have to keep working hard and stay sharp.”