Say goodbye to keloid scars Get your confidence back again.

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Say goodbye to keloid scars Get your confidence back again.

Keloid scars are a bothersome problem for many people, although they are not life-threatening. But it has an effect on personality and beauty. Makes us lose confidence in ourselves.

Keloids are tumors that form from a type of scar. It is convex and has expanded beyond the original boundaries of the wound. Sometimes the lump may be itchy or painful. They often found on the earlobes, shoulders, cheeks, and chest.

Scars are generally preventable. If we know how to care for new wounds It will be able to prevent the scar from becoming raised. or may develop keloids in the future

Causes of keloid scars

In general, the skin has a natural wound repair process. Which is the cause of keloid wounds? It comes from abnormalities in the wound repair process, with an increase in collagen-producing cells found. increased number of blood vessels Including the accumulation of abnormal types of collagen. Until finally giving the appearance of keloid lumps

Who usually get keloid scars?

  • People with dark skin tones
  • People with a history of keloid scars or someone in the family has a history of keloid wounds

Symptoms of keloid scars

  • It is a raised lump from the skin. They usually occur around the earlobes, shoulders, cheeks, or chest.
  • You may feel irritation around the scar.
  • It may feel itchy or burning.

Treatment of keloid scars

  • Injections given to the scar area to flatten it ทางเข้า ufabet There are many medicines use and the doctor will decide. Which medicine is suitable for the patient.
  • Surgery to remove keloid scars After surgery, the doctor will inject medicine into the scar area to prevent it from recurring. But it is only effective for certain keloid wounds.
  • Using silicone sheets on scars to reduce inflammation and itching
  • cold ablation
  • laser treatment
  • Applying cream after surgery To prevent scarring and to soften scars. 

Keloid prevention

In addition to preventing skin injuries. Including refraining from tattooing and scratching the skin. But many times it cannot be avoided. Therefore, it is important to care for wounds when wounds occur. It is the best way to prevent keloid scars from forming. Can done as follows

  • Clean the wound with saline.
  • Close the wound with gauze.
  • Try to dry the wound. Do not get wet touch dirt.
  • Do not pick, pick, or scratch the wound.
  • For blister wounds Do not pierce the blister. The wound should allow to heal on its own.
  • After the wound has healed Start using silicone gel to apply to the wound.